Theresa Ludwig M.Sc.


Raum  : 3006 (CRC)

Telefon: 089-289-54160

E-mail : theresa.ludwig(at)

Shaping of heterogeneous catalyst support effects a variety of important factors like heat- and mass transfer, pressure drop or selectivity of a reaction. Established industrial forming methods, such as tableting or extrusion, are often limited in geometry variation. Therefore, additive manufacturing is a great, innovative method for creating complex geometries for application in heterogeneous catalysis.

My research focus

on the development and shaping of catalytically relevant materials by using different additive manufacturing techniques. In this way, the project covers a variety of fields like catalysis, polymer processing, inorganic chemistry, material and technical chemistry. This project works in collaboration with Clariant Produkte Deutschland GmbH (Project of MuniCat – a strategic Alliance of Clariant and Technical University of Munich).