Friederike Adams, PhD Student

Raum: 3043, CRC

Tel.   : 54184

email : rike.adams(at)

One of the main issues in polymer synthesis is the design of well-defined structures from simple precursors with accurately designed mechanical, thermal and stimuli-responsive properties via changes in microstructure and composition. The development of catalysts for precise synthesis of polymers with variable tacticity, controllable molecular-weights and narrow molar mass distributions is therefore an essential requirement in the field of polymerization catalysis.

My research projects:

a)    Ring-opening polymerization: Polyhydroxybutyrate is a biopolymer that has high potential for industrial applications. The aim of our research is to develop new production methods, starting from CO2, based on new rare-earth metal catalysts.

My research project is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Environment and Consumer Protection within BayBiotech research network. (Project 6: "Synthese von Biopolymeren aus Kohlenstoffdioxid-nachhaltige Wege zum PHB")

b)    Group-transfer polymerization: The use of rare earth metal-mediated group-transfer-polymerization allows not only precise molecular-weights and narrow molecular-weight distributions, but also the synthesis of block copolymers in a living-type mechanism.


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