Michael Weger M.Sc.


Raum: 3007 (CRC)

Telefon: 089-289-54162

E-mail: michael.weger(at)makro.ch.tum.de


In the present age of polymers, plastics have become an integral part of our society. Nowadays, their use is by no means limited to packaging, but the commodity polymers can no longer meet the high demands in terms of new materials. To create novel high-performance polymers it is necessary to control the microstructures of the macromolecular systems. Therefore, a large part of the research in the field of polymerization catalysis is focused on the development of complexes for the precise and tailor-made polymerization of polar monomers.

My research project

The main topic of our project is to establish a main group element-mediated group transfer polymerization based on the readily available aluminum. The catalysts are intended for the (co)polymerization of polar monomers, mainly Michael-type monomers. The key goal is the controlled synthesis of poly(acrylonitrile), the most important precursor for carbon fibers.


Michael Weger, Marco Massimiliano Giuman, Maximilian Günter Knaus, Maximilian Ackermann, Markus Drees, Julius Hornung, Philipp J. Altmann, Roland Augustinus Fischer, Bernhard Rieger, Chem. Eur. J. 2018, online, cover page
"Single-site, Organometallic Aluminum Catalysts for the Precise Group Transfer Polymerization of Michael-type Monomers "