Center for Catalytic


The Center for Catalytic CO2 Utilisation (CCU) was founded in order to meet the new challenges that have emerged in this area of chemistry. Besides the apparently growing greenhouse effect, depression of the global fuel resources is an increasing challenge.

The method via activation of CO2 may complement the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) approach. The CCU aims to use CO2 as C1-feedstock by simultaneously creating novel materials such as aliphatic polycarbonates, polyacrylic acid  and small molecules as energy carriers. Moreover CO2 is cheap, non toxic, non flammable and abundantly available which makes it an interesting new raw material for industry.

CCU Forschungsschwerpunkte

Copolymerisation of CO2 with epoxides
Photocatalytic reduction of CO2
Metal induced coupling of CO2 with olefins